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Terms of Participating in Sickness Insurance

As previously, sickness insurance is usually established by the start of employment and terminated by the end of employment. The precondition for participating in sickness insurance is working in the Czech Republic in a job carried out under a contractual employment relationship or an employment relationship which may establish participation in this insurance, and the scope of employment which is determined by the minimum number of days (the employment lasted or should have lasted at least 15 calendar days). It also depends on the minimum amount of the agreed income (what is known as the authoritative income, the level of which has been set at CZK 3500, and will be raised according to average wage developments).

If a contractual employee who complies with the specified terms has pension insurance in a country where his or her employer has its registered office, the employee will participate in the insurance after 270 calendar days of employment in the Czech Republic. These 270 calendar days will include all calendar days of working in the Czech Republic that fall within 2 years prior to the date of starting the last employment in the Czech Republic.

A contractual employee is an employee of an employer whose registered office is located in a country with which the Czech Republic has not concluded the International Agreement on Social Security or in a country that is not a member of the European Union, nor does it use EU regulations to coordinate the social-security system (hereinafter referred to as the “foreign employer”), provided that the employee works in the Czech Republic for a contractual employer.

Persons working under an agreement to complete a job are participants in sickness insurance if they have received creditable income in excess of CZK 10 000. Such employees are also participants in sickness insurance if they carry out work for the same employer under a number of agreements to complete a job and the sum of their creditable earnings from such agreements exceeds CZK 10 000 per calendar year.