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27 01/2023 Praha

Increase in the old-age pension for child-raising from 1 January 2023

27. 01. 2023

From 1 January 2023, Act No 323/2021, which introduces the so-called child-raising, enters into force. This increases the percentage amount of the retirement pension by a fixed amount of CZK 500 for each child that the (pensioner) insured has raised. The increase for each child, the so-called child-raising, will cover both retirement pensions awarded after 31 December 2022, as well as old-age pensions already being paid. Women will be informed of the increase in the percentage amount of the already paid old-age pension for child-raising together with the information on pension valorization from 1 January 2023. For men, an application must be submitted, details can be found below.


Child-raising becomes part of the percentage amount for the old-age pension, which will subsequently be increased as a whole as part of future valorisations. It is not decisive whether the child was brought up in the Czech Republic or abroad. If a person has been awarded an old-age pension in the Czech Republic, she/he is also entitled to child-raising, i.e. CZK 500 for each child she/he raised over the required period to the fullest extent.


An increase to the old-age pension for a raised child, granted in respect of an international agreement on social security or to the EU coordination regulations in line with the ratio of the insurance periods obtained in the Czech Republic to the total insurance period (the so-called partial pension), the amount of this increase is also determined in proportion corresponding to the same ratio of insurance periods in which the partial pension was granted. Payments abroad can be made only on the basis of a submitted Living Certificate.

Last update: 7. 2. 2023