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General Informations

Employers, employees who are participants in sickness and pension insurance, self-employed persons, and people who have voluntarily signed up for pension insurance are obliged to pay insurance.

The legal regulations of premiums are contained in the Act No. 589/1992 Col., on Premiums for Social Security and Contribution to the State Policy of Employment, as amended 

  • Premiums on sickness insurance
  • Premiums on pension insurance
  • Contribution to the state policy of employment


(Does not include premiums for health insurance, which is collected by health insurance companies.)

The amount of premium is determined by a percentage rate from the basis of assessment established for the decisive period. This is for employers the calendar month, for which premium is paid. For self-employed persons, the period concerned is a calendar year and the assessment base for calculating the insurance premium is the amount that they themselves determined, but not less than 50% of the tax base.