Payments of pensions abroad - current information regarding how Certificates of Living are to be sent

The Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ), due to the persistent emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and due to the emergency measures taken and implemented in many countries abroad, have made temporarily changes regarding the proof of conditions for payments of pensions abroad. Similarly to the period during the first wave of the pandemic in this spring, Czech pension recipients will be able to send the Certificate of Living form via mail, even without official authentication of the pensioner's handwritten signature, or electronically (by email) without the recognized electronic signature. The fact that the pensioner living abroad does not have an opportunity to

  1. have his handwritten signature appearing one the Certificate of Living officially authenticated and/or that he/she may not send the Certificate of Living by mail,
  2. give specific reasons related to the emergency that have prevented him/her to send the Certificate of Living with an attached handwritten signature in a prescribed form is a precondition for sending the Certificate of Living in the manner described above.

These reasons may include the closing of or restriction of services of the relevant institutions, offices or postal services, as well as any recommendations of the government authorities to limit unnecessary social contact, to isolate any risk groups, in particular senior citizens, etc.

The Certificate of Living signed by one’s own hand can be sent by mail to: Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení (The Czech Social Security Administration), Křížová 25, 225 08 Praha 5, Czech Republic. If the pensioner's handwritten signature is not officially authenticated, the reason why the signature could not be officially authenticated must always be given in the Certificate of Living.

If a pensioner sends the Certificate of Living by email, he/she must complete the Certificate of Living, sign it by his/her own hand, then scan it and/or make a photo copy of it and send it as an email attachment to the ČSSZ electronic mailroom: posta@cssz.cz. The reason why the signature could not be officially authenticated must also be given in this case.

Please note that we always respond to emails sent to the ČSSZ electronic mailroom - posta@cssz.cz - without the attached recognized electronic signature by automatically generated message with the following advice: ‘… unless the data message is signed by a valid recognized electronic signature, such submission must be supplemented in writing or orally in a protocol or by an electronic form signed by a recognized electronic signature with a valid qualified certificate within 5 days, otherwise the Czech Social Security Administration will not deal with it…’. We will disregard such automatically generated message in the emergencies described above, and the Czech Security Administration will routinely process such submissions (email) and will arrange for and make the payment of the pension on the basis of the Certificate of Living retrospectively for the period from the last pension paid.

Multilingual forms of the Certificate of Living can be found at the ČSSZ website: https://eportal.cssz.cz/web/portal/tiskopisy-seznam-eu.