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Payment of pensions abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic emergency


Pensioners living abroad who receive the pension from the Czech pension insurance via their bank accounts will continue to be paid on the basis of the submitted Certificate of Living.


For the duration of this emergency, until 30 June 2020 at the latest (this date may change over time), the CSSA will accept a Certificate of Living even without official verification of the pensioner’s handwritten signature. The Certificate of Living form is available in Czech on the CSSA website https://eportal.cssz.cz/web/portal/tiskopisy-seznam-eu; the recipient of the pension shall simply fill in the form, sign and date it and send it to the CSSA. In addition, the pensioner shall indicate the reason why the signature has not been officially verified, e.g. a state of emergency in the relevant country.


The Certificate of Living may be sent by post to: ČSSZ, Křížová 25, 22508 Praha 5.

With regard to the fact that some states may temporarily limit or even completely discontinue international postal services, clients may scan and/or take photographs of such completed and signed Certificates of Living and send them to CSSA electronically, i.e. by e-mail to posta@cssz.cz.


The pension will be paid to the account by default within 4 to 5 weeks after the CSSA receives the Certificate of Living.


Multilingual versions of the Certificate of Living can also be found at https://www.cssz.cz/web/en/forms.