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About CSSA

The Czech Social Security Administration is the largest financial organization of the Czech public administration with annual income and expenses of almost CZK 750 billion.  As part of the public administration, the CSSA falls under the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.  The CSSA contributes more than a third to the national budget by collecting social security premiums and contributions to the state employment policy.  It covers social security issues for more than 8,5 million clients.  The Director General of the CSSA is nominated by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.


CSSA Profile

One of the main tasks of the CSSA is to collect and enforce payable social security premiums, which includes pension insurance, sickness insurance and a contribution to the state employment policy.  The CSSA takes decisions on pension benefits (except pensions within the responsibility of the Interior, Defence and Justice Ministry) and arranges to pay them.  These include old-age pensions or disability pensions, widows’ and widowers’ pensions and orphans’ pensions.  The CSSA also takes decisions on sickness benefits in cash (sickness benefits, maternity cash benefits, compensatory pregnancy and maternity benefits and also allowances for care of a family member) and arranges for them to be paid.  The CSSA also includes the Medical Assessment Service which assesses the health condition and work ability of citizens for the purposes of sickness and pension insurance, state social support and long-term care benefits.  They also check the assessment of temporary work inability made by treating physicians.  In accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 883/04 and 987/09 on the coordination of social security systems, the CSSA is the liaison body and competent institution for cash sickness benefits and maternity benefits, pensions and determining the applicable legislation.  The CSSA also makes sure bilateral agreements on social security falling under the scope of its activities are implemented.


The Czech Social Security Administration publishes various information publications, i.e. guides and manuals, leaflets and booklets as well as The National Insurance monthly magazine and not least the annual reports. All of these materials are available to the general public at all of the CSSA offices throughout the Czech Republic and also in electronic form on this website.