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Range of insured persons

The following gainfully employed individuals shall be parties to pension insurance coverage, provided that the scope of the wage-earning activity establishes their participation in sickness insurance coverage:

Range of insured persons

a) Employed employees;

b) Members of the Police Force of the Czech Republic, the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, the Security Information Service, the General Security Forces Inspection, the Office for Foreign Relations and Information, the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, professional soldiers, and civil servant pursuant to the Civil Service Act,

c) Members of a cooperative, if they work outside employment relationship for the cooperative,

d) Individuals, who are, pursuant to a special legal regulation, appointed and/or elected to act as the head of an administrative authority or the statutory body of a legal entity established pursuant to a special legal regulation, or to act as the deputy of such a head or statutory body, if this head / statutory body is only one person, and the appointment / election did not result in an employment / service relationship for these persons, and physical entities holding a public office outside of an employment / service relationship pursuant to a special legal regulation, if the Labour Code applies to their employment relationship within the stipulated extent,

e)  Employees with an agreement on working activity,

f)  Employees based on an agreement to complete a job, provided their reported income exceeds CZK 10 000

g) Judges,

h) Members of municipal councils and city districts / precincts councils of regionally subdivided statutory cities and the city of Prague, who are released to hold the office,

ch) Members of the Chamber of Deputies and Senators of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic,

i) The President of the Czech Republic, cabinet members, the president, the Vice-President, and members of the Supreme Audit Office, members of the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting, members of the Council of the Energy Regulatory Office, members of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, members of the Czech Telecommunication Office, members of the Czech Fiscal Council, the financial arbitrator, the deputy financial arbitrator, the Public Defender of Rights, and the Deputy of the Public Defender of Rights,

j) Voluntary day care employees,

k) Foster-parents who provide foster care within establishments that provide foster care pursuant to a special legal regulation, or who receive remuneration for providing foster care as a foster-parent in special cases pursuant to a special legal regulation,

l) Convicted persons serving a sentence of imprisonment enrolled for work and Individuals serving a prison sentence reintegrated into work and persons in security detention reintegrated into work,

m) Persons who are attending a secondary school or college (hereinafter “secondary school”) or university in the Czech Republic to systematically prepare for their future profession, for the first six years of such studies after attaining 18 years of age before 2010,

n) Persons listed as job applicants in the records of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic - Regional Office or of the branch office for the  Capital City of Prague (hereinafter the “Regional Branch of the Labour Office”)  for the period that they are entitled to an unemployment benefit or retraining benefit, and at most three years, also for the period that they are not entitled to the unemployment benefit or retraining benefit, with such three-year period being ascertained retroactively from the date of the pension entitlement; the period during which they were not entitled to unemployment benefits or retraining benefits prior to attaining 55 years of age is included in this period up to a maximum of 1 year; the period for which they are insured in accordance with Section 6(1)(a) and (2) and the period of gainful employment that, according to a special legal regulation, does not prevent (is not an obstacle to) inclusion and maintenance in the record of job applicants, even if this activity generates insurance affiliation, are not included,

o) Persons with medical handicaps involved in theoretical and practical preparation for employment or other gainful activity

p) Persons in military service in the armed forces of the Czech Republic, provided they are not professional soldiers or soldiers in some other service or reserve soldiers in active service before July 2016,

q) Persons caring personally for a child up to four years old,

r) Persons caring personally for a child under 10 years old who is dependent on the care of another person to the first degree (slight dependency), or for a person who is dependent on the care of a person to the second degree (medium dependency) or the third degree (high dependency) or the fourth degree (complete dependency), provided they live together in the same household; the common household condition is not required if the person is a relative or a social care assistant according to law no. 108/2006 Coll.,

s) Beneficiaries of a disability pension for a disability of the third degree [Section 39(2)(c)] from Czech insurance, up to the age that the entitlement to an old-age pension arises in accordance with Section 32;for the purposes of insurance affiliation, beneficiaries of a disability pension for a disability of the third degree [Section 39(2)(c)] are also persons who do not collect such pension although they fulfil the conditions for entitlement to such pension and collect a service benefit according to special laws,

t) Persons after ending gainful activity generating sickness insurance affiliation pursuant to a special legal regulation, during temporary work incapacity that they did not purposefully induce, provided such temporary work incapacity arose during the gainful activity or in a protective period pursuant to special legal regulation, during a quarantine ordered pursuant to a special legal regulation during such gainful activity or during a protective period pursuant to a special legal regulation, during the support period with respect to a treatment allowance, during the support period with respect to long term care allowance,  during the support period with respect to Fathers Post-Natal Care benefit and during the support period with respect to maternity assistance prior to birth,

u) Employees within employment concluded according to foreign legal regulations,

v) Partners and executives of limited liability companies and limited partners in special limited partnerships if they carry out work for the company outside of an employment relationship, and directors of public undertakings or utilities if they carry out work for the company outside of an employment relationship,

w) Authorised agents (proxies)

x) Persons who are provided with special protection and assistance based on a special legal regulation, provided they cannot carry out gainful activity in accordance with a statement issued by the body authorised to provide special protection and assistance.

Further insured persons:

  • Members of collective bodies of legal persons, who are not mentioned in Section 5 par. a) to c), f) to i), p) and s) of Act No. 155/1995 Coll., on Pension Insurance,
  • Liquidators (receivers)
  • Heads (directors) of establishments (branches) of legal persons where the registered office of such legal person is located in a state with which the Czech Republic has not concluded an international agreement on social security, provided such establishments (branches) are registered in the Commercial Register and the permanent place of work of such heads (directors) is in the Czech Republic.

Self-employed persons, provided they carry on their business in the Czech Republic and fulfil certain stipulated conditions, and persons who voluntarily take part in pension insurance shall also be parties to pension insurance.