Public relations


Besides information materials, documents whose publication is required by law are posted on the CSSA website by the CSSA Communication Section. For example, the Administrative Procedure Code requires the CSSA to deliver written materials in the form of a public announcement enabling remote access. The Communication Section thus posted a total of 14,884 documents on the CSSA’s electronic notice board in 2010. That is 1,240 a month on average. In addition to documents delivered by public announcement, the electronic presentation department publishes and updates dozens of other items of information every day.

The website enables monitoring of visitor statistics. Factors influencing the number of visitors accessing the CSSA’s website are regular website updating and the generally wider Internet access. In 2010 the CSSA website received a total of 1,454,592 “hits”, i.e. 121,216 per month or 3,985 per day. The highest average daily hits rate was reached in the first quarter of the year (more than 5,000). Most of those visiting the CSSA website were interested in electronic forms and DSSA/PSSA/BSSA contact information. The web pages containing information about the changes in Act No. 187/2006, on sickness insurance, received the most hits.

2010 marked the 20th anniversary of the founding of the CSSA. For that reason the CSSA website throughout the year displayed a specially modified CSSA logo designed by the Communication Section especially for this occasion. Dozens of information items are published and updated on the website every day. The e - Submissions and contacts sections are modified as required. At the end of the year a comprehensive updating of the website was undertaken in connection with the new legislation applicable from 1.1.2011.The Communication Section created a new section for the new Incapacity To Work Announcement e - Submissions service intended for doctors and medical facilities. A course prepared by the human resources section and entitled “Manager’s Guide to the Recruitment Process” changed the standards according to which vacancies are published. The design of vacancies advertising on the CSSA website was thus modified: an online questionnaire was created for candidates to facilitate the primary selection.

In collaboration with the appropriate specialist sections, the Communication Section regularly updated the Life Situations on the Public Administration Portal throughout 2010. All Life Situations (43) are accessible from the CSSA website.