Public relations

Publishing activities

The CSSA published the specialist National Insurance monthly magazine in 2010. The average print run of issues in the publication’s 41st year was 9,400 copies a month. The magazine featured more than 140 main articles on social security, the medical assessment service, labour law and employment, and 116 consultations. The National Insurance editorial board worked with approximately 70 regular contributing authors.

In 2010, as in previous years, the CSSA published the CSSA Activity Report for 2009, the 2009 Pension Insurance Statistical Yearbook and the Annual Report for 2009.

The CSSA prepared the following one-off materials for the general public in 2010:

  • a publication entitled Social Security in 2010, with a print run of 50,000 copies;
  • Social Security Handbook for the Self-employed in 2010, with a print run of 55,000 copies;
  • Handbook for Future Pensioners in 2010, with a print run of 110,000 copies;
  • a leaflet entitled We’re Here for You…; 100,000 copies; published to mark 20 years of the CSSA, it gave a brief overview of the CSSA’s activities, combined with a pocket calendar;
  • a leaflet entitled eNeschopenka (e-Sicknote); 100,000 copies; basic information about the new Incapacity to Work Announcement e - Submissions service.

All these materials were available to the general public in printed form at all CSSA offices throughout the Czech Republic and in electronic form on the CSSA website.