Public relations


In total, 3,366 media items covered areas administrated by the CSSA or were based on information provided by the CSSA in 2010. That number only includes the media that the CSSA regularly monitors (national daily newspapers, public television, radio et al.). The monitored media published or filmed 1,674 items based on the CSSA’s own activities (press releases, events staged et al.). That means that more than 47.3% of all media outputs were responses to the CSSA’s own media activities in 2010. The other 1,624 items published by the media as their own topics. The CSSA usually played a role in those too, however. That number includes contributions based on 759 enquiries from the media that the CSSA responded to in 2010. In addition, the CSSA released a total of 68 press statements in 2010.