Public relations

Call centres

Staff of the CSSA Pension Insurance Call Centre responded to a total of 184,893 telephone calls in 2010. In practice that means that the Call Centre dealt with approx. 731 calls every working day last year. Most of the calls were requests for information concerning specific pension matters; besides that, enquires and requests often concerned the payment of pensions. The Call Centre provided clients with 5,889 confirmations of the amount and payment of pensions. Moreover, it passed on 21,747 client reminders to specialist departments of the CSSA for processing.

Clients can contact the CSSA Sickness Insurance Call Centre to sort out specific matters related to the processing of payments of sickness benefit, maternity benefit, attendance allowance and compensatory benefit in pregnancy and maternity, or can ask for information about changes ensuing from the adoption of new legislation affecting sickness insurance for employees and the self-employed.