Principal activities

Compensation pursuant to special regulations

Despite the fact that compensation is not connected to social insurance, which is the CSSA’s principal field of activity, this agenda has been part of the CSSA’s work for a number of years.

The processing of applications under the terms of Act No. 357/2005 and Government Regulation No. 622/2004, as amended by Nos. 405/2005 and 369/2007, continued in 2010. More than 62,000 applications for bonuses and special allowances have been delivered since the relevant legislation came into effect. The CSSA regularly decides on any submitted applications, and in the vast majority of cases awards the requested benefits.

The CSSA also continued to process applications for one-off cash sums under the terms of Acts Nos. 217/1994, 39/2000, 261/2001, 172/2002 and 357/2005, in which proceedings have not yet been concluded because of their complicated nature and the complicated evidence involved. A total of 105 applications were decided on during the year; investigations are still ongoing in over 600 cases, where the shift that has taken place in the judicature in the interim has to some extent influenced the course, scale and focus of the investigation.

In 2009 the CSSA also began to decide on applications for one-off cash sums pursuant to Act No. 108/2009, which are intended to replace bonuses or special allowances provided in addition to pensions to some persons who have not become entitled to or have lost their entitlement to a pension under the Czech pension insurance system.

By the end of 2010 applicants filed a total of 124,065 compensation-related claims and the CSSA paid out CZK 8.434 billion in this context.

During the year the CSSA also appraised two draft compensation regulations: one draft was not approved, the other is still going through the legislative process.