International relations

International treaties

The CSSA held talks in 2010 with representatives of Centrelink, the Australian insurance administration institution. At the meeting at the CSSA, the text of an Administrative Arrangement was finalised, procedures for implementation of the Treaty were agreed, including bilateral forms, and cooperation between the CSSA and Centrelink was discussed.

The first round of expert talks on the preparation of a new social security treaty between the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan took place at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs with the participation of CSSA representatives. The two delegations exchanged information about the national social security systems and reached a framework agreement on the personal and material scope of the future treaty, which should cover pensions and legal applicability. The Azerbaijan delegation’s programme included a visit to the CSSA.

Furthermore, the first round of expert talks took place between delegations from the Czech Republic and Georgia with a view to discussing the possibility of a new social security treaty. The delegations exchanged fundamental information about social security in their countries and discussed the basic principles of the future treaty.

With the participation of representatives of the Slovak Social Insurance Agency and the CSSA, talks between the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Slovak Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family went ahead in 2010 concerning the pension entitlements of former employees of Czechoslovak State Railways who worked in its Bratislava Administration of Cargo Revenues unit as of 31.12.1992. The purpose of the talks was to clarify the address of the registered office of the employer of the said group of employees. In the interim, the address was determined by a finding of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic of 3.8.2010 (ref. no. III ÚS 939/10).