Information and communication technology

CSSA ICT financing out of the EU Structural Funds

Given the possibility of drawing on EU funds, the CSSA applied for EU grants for certain ICT projects. These projects were approved in May 2010 on the basis of the submitted Applications for a Grant from the Structural Funds and Feasibility Studies and further preparations were made for their implementation. The following are the main projects involved:

“Consolidation of Core Records of Insured Persons and their Individual Accounts in Connection with the Population Register and Other Basic Public Administration Registers” – This project should be a significant contribution towards data centralisation, which will ensure the regular consolidation of core records of insured persons and their individual accounts in the public administration population register, register of persons and register of territorial identification, address and real estate. Documentation for a tender to find a contractor for the construction part of this project was drawn up in 2010.

“Electronic Submissions Office and Forwarding Office of the CSSA in Connection with the Data Mailboxes System” – The aim of this project is to build an electronic submissions office, electronic forwarding office and electronic file service. The project will speed up the processing of CSSA clients’ suggestions and requests. Tender documentation and other documentation for a public tender were drawn up in 2010.

“Creation of the CSSA Information and Communication Interface for Providing Information to Clients” – This project will make it possible to provide information and services to CSSA clients directly via electronic communication. In 2010 tender documentation and other documentation for a public tender were drawn up.

“Building Czech Republic Access Points to the European Architecture for Exchange of Standardised Social Security Messages” – This project comes under the authority of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, ICT division; the CSSA is cooperating in the implementation of the project.