Information and communication technology

Electronic communication

The documents the CSSA accepts as e - Submissions are Pension Insurance Record Forms (ELDP09), Start of Work Notifications (ONZ), Confirmation of Studies and Theoretical Preparation (POS09) and, as every year, a modified Self-employed Persons’ Revenues and Expenditure Summary for 2010 (OSVC_PRE). The electronic receipt of older types of forms from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic continued: the Uniform Registration Form (JRF) and the updated Register of Licensed Trades (RŽP). In 2010 the CSSA prepared for the receipt of two new e - Submissions and a service for distrainment offices. In April 2010, receipt of the Annex to an Application for Sickness Insurance Benefit (NEMPRI) and the service of electronic processing of bailiffs’ enquiries regarding pension insurance benefits paid out were launched in e - Submission form. The latter service has partly reduced the burden of the agenda of bailiffs’ enquiries falling on the CSSA headquarters – it had hitherto been solely handled in person by employees. Further development of the receipt of e - Submissions via the Public Administration Portal was stopped because of the uncertainty surrounding its further use. Discussions were held in October regarding the launch of the Incapacity to Work Announcement (HPN) service, which is expected to be used in 2011.

In addition to the transactions channel of the Public Administration Portal (PVS), the CSSA made preparations for the receipt of e - Submissions through other channels: VREP (Public Interface for e - Submissions) as a replacement for PVS and the data mailboxes information system via a dedicated CSSA e - Submissions mailbox. The numbers of e - Submissions and the forms sent therein by self-employed persons and employers are given in the final summary statistics.

Another area of electronic communication is the use of the data mailboxes information system. Given that the number of data messages delivered to the CSSA headquarters has for some time reached 1,500 per day, a solution was adopted whereby the work of operators when receiving, processing, registering and archiving delivered data messages has been partially automated. Support has also been provided for the forwarding of messages to data mailboxes.

Number of e - Submissions in 2010

ELDP ONZ SEP Summaries Insurance contributions and benefits summaries Total
Number of
e - Submissions received
311,850 2,039,843 1,121 126,565 2,479,379
of which via PVS 310,318 341,183 1,121 126,565 779,187
on media 232 171 not accepted not accepted 403
made out at DSSAs (Filler) 1,300 21 not applicable not applicable 1,321
Number of e - forms received 3,285,113 3,383,964 1,121 126,565 6,796,763

* includes submissions made out using forms at DSSAs ** registration forms (deregistration forms, changes, corrections and mass lists of employees transferred from digitally signed media, csv files and submissions made out at CSSA territorial offices)

Number of registrations as of 31.12.2010

Organisations registered 67,762
Self-employed persons registered for ELDP and ONZ e - Submissions 1,812
Authorised employees 80,201
- with a qualified certificate 61,489