Information and communication technology

Development of the technology base

The CSSA is going ahead with the development of the CSSA IIS on a long-term strategy basis. To this end, it is creating a secure, three-layer architecture based on the Microsoft.Net and Java platforms. In the pension insurance area, the development environment of the OSD BS2000 operating system continues to be used. In the economic area, the SAP platform is used. The current state of operations is still characterised by a number of different technologies, devices, applications, data repositories etc., as these were created over time. For that reason, the process of consolidating and centralising applications in the IIS under development takes place in several dimensions. The style of work, methodology, organisation, technology, forms of communication, databases and, above all, applications are all changing. Changes must take place in all these dimensions, correlated in time; otherwise the entire process would grind to a halt, causing the development of the entire CSSA to stagnate. For that reason, infrastructure projects for developing the central data layer (data repositories), a centralised applications layer (applications servers and systems), decentralised (local) CSSA IIS hubs, a presentation (user) layer, and network layer projects (communication infrastructure) focus on systematically attaining the CSSA’s strategic goals as well as ensuring the necessary security of client data and access. In this context, the process respects the principles of protection of investments on the one hand and the principles of maximum efficiency on the other, based mainly on virtualisation technology and server and other technology consolidation.