Information and communication technology

Development of application support

The CSSA IIS is oriented towards providing automated support for the performance of the CSSA’s processes and services to clients using modern technologies. The CSSA IIS was created and is being further developed according to the individual areas of the main processes and the support processes performed within them. The prerequisites (data centralisation, decentralisation of client service and unification of service processes) for the higher quality of services provided by the CSSA to all authorised entities have been put in place, as well as the prerequisites for the effective performance of these services, with high-quality support for or substitution of these services by means of electronic tools. Recently, as part of the electronisation of public administration services, the CSSA has prioritised the integration of its systems with the existing electronic channels of the Czech public administration and increasing the share of communication with its clients done through electronic channels. This involves a flexible response to the planned legislative changes and the eGovernment goals as regards data exchange, links to the basic registers and data mailboxes.

The implementation of projects under the Management and Administration Information System programme has progressed to a point where these projects have moved on from the development stage to the operational stage. The projects now take the form of developing the existing operated applications and have been oriented primarily towards achieving stability of operation, data centralisation and client access. Data applications and client access have also been centralised in relation to the EU as well. In addition, requirements are emerging for new applications for new process areas which have not yet been centralised or supported by the CSSA IIS or which have arisen from new legislation.