Key data

Key data for 2010

Employees 8,849
Clients as of 31. 12. 2010 8,336,483
of which insured persons 4,272,541
communicating employers 263,235
self-employed persons* 977,069
pensioners** 2,819,093
persons with voluntary pension insurance 4,545
Pensions paid out as of 31. 12. 2010*** 3,511,043
New pension applications processed 241,650
Taxable revenue from social security insurance, including voluntary insurance CZK 346,092 million
Expenditure on pension insurance benefits CZK 340,162 million
Expenditure on sickness insurance benefits CZK 22,789 million
Success rate of collecting insurance contributions after excluding unrecoverable receivables 99,58 %
EU-related operations 209,010
Countries to which the CSSA pays out pensions 72
Personal pension insurance information sheets sent to clients 150,884
Assessments carried out by the CSSA Medical Assessment Service 471,124
e - Submissions received 2,501,332
Electronically submitted documents received 7,422,629

*      active self-employed persons
**    pensions paid out in the Czech Republic, i.e. excluding payments abroad
***  number of pensions, including non-standard payments and payments abroad