Number and age structure of employees

The CSSA had a total of 8,849 employees as of 31.12.2010. Most of the workforce, including those in management positions, were women. Women made up 88.19% of the workforce.

As in previous years, there were no major changes in the age structure of the CSSA workforce. Compared to 2009 there was a very slight fall in the proportion of the workforce in the age category up to 20, which followed a slight increase in 2009. The other age categories are more or less stable: any changes from 2009 measured mere tenths of a percent. The largest single age group continues to be 51-60 (29.6%). The decline in the proportion of employees over 50 years of age that began in 2008 came to a stop, and there was practically no change in this proportion compared to 2009 (35.7% as of 31.12.2009 and 35.6% as of 31.12.2010). In the next ten years these employees will move into the post-productive age band.