Economic results


The 2010 budget for pension insurance benefits was set at CZK 337.800 billion after adjustments. Actual benefits were CZK 337.799 billion, i.e. 100.00% of the budgeted amount. In 2010 the CSSA paid out old-age pensions worth CZK 265.985 billion, disability benefits for 3rd degree disability worth CZK 30.870 billion, disability benefits for 2nd degree disability worth CZK 4.295 billion, and disability benefits for 1st degree disability worth CZK 12.516 billion. CZK 21.018 billion was paid out in widows’ pensions, CZK 2.263 billion in widowers’ pensions, and CZK 3.214 billion in orphans’ benefits.

The budget for 2010 set sickness insurance benefits and other benefits at CZK 23.207 billion after adjustments. The actual amount of benefits paid out was CZK 22.789 billion, i.e. 98.20% of the budgeted amount. Most of that sum went on sickness benefits – CZK 14.944 billion. Attendance allowance amounted to CZK 431 million, compensatory benefit in pregnancy and maternity represented expenditure of CZK 4 million, and maternity benefit was worth CZK 7.410 billion. Actual expenditure on the increased pension for incapacity was CZK 12,000 and on other social security benefits CZK 2 million.

The approved budget for total operating costs (i.e. expenditure on programme financing, wage and related costs, material costs and expenditure co-financed by the EU) in 2010 was set at CZK 5.643 billion. After adjustments to the budget the revised figure was CZK 6.384 billion. Actual expenditure under these items was CZK 6.191 billion, including the use of entitlements from unused expenditure in 2009.

Insufficient securing of material expenses has been a constant complication of the CSSA’s budget situation and the financing of its operations. For several years now the CSSA has therefore applied an economical system of the internal distribution of disposable material expenses so that it can preferentially finance tasks that are fundamental to the organisation’s mission. Expenditure necessary for long-term goals and objectives are therefore repeatedly the subject of interim budgetary measures, primarily to reinforce information and communication technologies (ICT) – pushing through these measures tends to be a very complicated process.

Material expenditure, including independently regulated items and projects co-funded by the EU, were set at CZK 1.850 billion. After budgetary changes, the material expenses budget was adjusted to CZK 2.374 billion and the overstepping of this revised budget by CZK 100 million in entitlements from unused expenditure from previous years was permitted. Actual material expenditure amounted to CZK 2.371 billion.

In 2010 the material costs indicator also included expenditure on purchases of low-value assets, purchases of miscellaneous services and expenditure on repairs and maintenance. This expenditure was realised under programme financing – non-investment operations in 2009.

Implementation of the Development and Renewal of the CSSA’s Material Technical Base, scheduled for 2008-2010, entered its third year in 2010. The CSSA’s programme financing budget for 2010 was set at CZK 304.7 million. A further CZK 229 million was transferred to the CSSA budget for programme financing on a gradual basis as new operations were registered, so the total amount released for Programme 113 210 was CZK 534 million, including expenditure on the integrated operational programme co-funded by the EU. In addition, permission was granted during 2010 for the budget to be overstepped by a total of CZK 303 million in entitlements from unused expenditure from 2009. As of 31.12.2010 drawdown under Programme 113 210 attained a value of CZK 507 million, including the use of unused expenditure from 2009 amounting to CZK 269 million. CZK 89 million in total was tied to purpose in programme financing.

Total wage-related funds for 2010 amounted to CZK 2.558 billion; of that amount, pay finances were worth CZK 2.451 billion and other payments for work done amounted to CZK 107 million. Wage-related funds totalling CZK 94 million were tied in the budget during 2010. The total amount used was CZK 2.435 billion, of which pay finances accounted for CZK 2.375 billion and other payments for work done CZK 60 million.

The CSSA efficiency indicator, expressed as a percentage of total operating expenditure relative to realised taxable revenues and benefit expenditure, attained an actual value of 0.88% in 2010. The approved budget for 2010 set this indicator at 0.79%.

Operating expenses

Row number Item category Actual 2010 (CZK millions) Share of expenditure (%)
1. Staff costs 3,302 53.3
of which wages, other staff costs and severance pay 2,435 39.3
insurance contributions 819 13.2
additions to the Cultural and Social Fund 48 0.8
2. Wage compensation during illness 11 0.2
3. Purchase of materials 42 0.7
4. Water, fuel and energy 132 2.1
5. Postal services 616 10.0
6. Services, repairs, maintenance and travel expenses 1,547 25.0
7. Other non-capital expenditure 34 0.5
8. Subtotal 5,684 91.8
9. Capital expenditure 507 8.2
10. Total operating expenses 6,191 100.0