Economic results


As of 31.12.2010 the CSSA had fixed tangible assets worth a total of CZK 8.232 billion and fixed intangible assets of CZK 1.716 billion.

It used all its assets solely for the purpose of state administration. If any of its assets were surplus to requirements the CSSA proceeded according to Act No. 219/2000, on the assets of the Czech Republic and representation of the Czech Republic in legal relations, and according to implementing decree no. 62/2001. As the CSSA by law has the status of an organisational component of the state, its assets are not written off.

There were 40 easements on CSSA assets in 2010. Most of the easements involved securing an owner’s access to his property (on foot, by vehicle, right of passage etc.) or the laying and operation of utilities networks.

In 2010 the CSSA concluded a total of four legal agreements concerning the transfer of real estate assets. In two cases this involved a transfer of the authority to administer property of the Czech Republic between the CSSA and another organisational component of the state based on a record of the change in administration competence. In both cases the CSSA was the body assuming this competence. Furthermore, on behalf of the state the CSSA concluded two donation contracts, one purchase contract and one exchange contract with territorial self-governing units (towns). One contract on the transfer of land free of charge was concluded with the Land Fund of the Czech Republic. Finally, the CSSA entered into one purchase contract with a natural person on behalf of the state.

Fixed tangible assets as of 31.12.2010

Account number Name CZK
031 Land 277,026,226.80
032 Artworks and similar objects 1,329,016.00
021 Buildings 4,931,575,968.00
022 Independent movable property items 1,835,821,947.20
042 Acquisition of fixed tangible assets 39,407,915.00
028 Low-value fixed tangible assets 1,081,905,129.82
977 Other low-value fixed tangible assets 65,068,646.22
Total 8,232,134,849.04

Fixed intangible assets as of 31.12.2010

Account number Name CZK
012 Intangible results of research and development 59,539,407,00
013 Software 1,458,308,602,85
041 Acquisition of fixed intangible assets 0.00
018 Low-value fixed intangible assets 143,993,262.77
019 Other fixed intangible assets 1,053,307.65
977 Other low-value fixed intangible assets 53,537,024.12
Total 1,716,431,604.39