CSSA profile

Organisational structure

The Czech Social Security Administration consists of the CSSA headquarters, CSSA offices, District Social Security Administrations (DSSAs), the Prague Social Security Administration (PSSA) and the Municipal Social Security Administration in Brno (BSSA). The CSSA’s services to the public are provided through a network of 97 offices.

CSSA Director General
(in the post until 25.10.2010)

CSSA Director General
prof. JUDr. Vilém KAHOUN, Ph.D.
(in the post from 1.11.2011)

Deputy Director General of the CSSA
Ing. Jan ŠRANK
(in the post until 1.11.2010)

Deputy Director General of the CSSA
Ing. Karel CHOD
(in the post from 2.11.2010)

CSSA Chief Executives

Ing. Martin KOTT, MBA
Chief Executive of the Economic Administration Division

Chief Executive of the Pension Insurance Implementation Division

Ing. Vladimír FANTA
Chief Executive of the Information and Communication Technology Division

Chief Executive of the Medical Assessment Service Division

Directors of units managed directly by the CSSA Director General

Mgr. Pavel KROUTIL
Head of the Secretariat of the CSSA Director General

Ing. Jiří DEMEŠ
Director of the Security Policy Section

Ing. Zdeněk JOSKA
Director of the Internal Audit, Inspection and Complaints Section

Ing. Jiří KUDLÍK
Director of the European Coordination and International Relations Section
(in the post until 31.5.2010)

Mgr. Pavel GEJDOŠ
Director of the Communications Section and CSSA Spokesman
(in the post from 1.12.2010)

PaedDr. Miluše HÁJKOVÁ
Director of the Human Resources Section