CSSA profile

The Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA) is a unique state sector financial administration institution and, with annual revenues and expenditure totalling almost CZK 715.583 billion, is the largest such body.

As of 31.12.2010 it administered the affairs of more than 8.336 million clients, over 2.819 million of whom are pensioners. The CSSA pays out over 3.511 million pensions.

The CSSA, either alone or through employers, pays out sickness benefits, maternity benefits, compensatory benefits in pregnancy and maternity and attendance allowance for practically the entire working population of the Czech Republic. The CSSA contributes more than a third of the state budget’s revenues through the collection of social security insurance premiums and contributions to the state employment policy.

Under the EU’s coordination regulations the CSSA is the liaison body and competent institution for foreign institutions with regard to sickness and maternity benefits in cash, pensions and assessing legal applicability.

One component of the CSSA is the medical assessment service (MAS), which assesses individuals’ health and capacity to work for the purposes of sickness and pension insurance. It also scrutinises doctors’ assessments of temporary work incapacity.

As an organisational component of the state the CSSA is subordinate to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA). The head of the CSSA is Director General Prof. JUDr. Vilém Kahoun, Ph.D.

Organisational chart